Introduction: Saving Lives & Protecting Rights


How to download the Handbook PDFs

Each section in the EPR Handbook is available as a PDF download in three different formats.

  • Digital PDF can be downloaded and used digitally. These will be ideal to have when internet access is limited.

  • Print PDF (Handbook) are formatted so that they can be printed, folded in half, hole-punched, and added to the printed EPRH Handbook. (Instructions on adding pages to the folder can be found on the inside cover)

  • Print PDF (A4 Sheet) are formatted to be printed as an A4 sheet so that they can be taken into the field without having to add them to the handbook

As it is expected that ActionAid humanitarian practitioners will contribute further changes to this handbook, the content on the site will occasionally be updated.

Notifications on updates to the content will be shown on the homepage. Any updates to the site will be reflected in the PDF downloads. To make sure you have the latest version of any PDF, the date in filename should match the date quoted in the notification, or in the download menu.