Section 1: ActionAid’s approach to emergencies


ActionAid’s strategic commitment to emergencies

ActionAid’s 2012-2017 global strategy, People’s action to end poverty, recognises emergencies as a key priority for the organisation. Strategic Objective 4 commits the organisation to:

Build the resilience of people living in poverty to conflicts and disasters and respond to disasters with people-centred, rights-based alternatives.

- People’s Action to End Poverty, 2012-2017

Within this Objective, Key Change Promise 7 states that:

By 2017 we will have built effective risk reduction and resilience systems and capacities in over 5000 communities.

- People’s Action to End Poverty, 2012-2017

and Key Change Promise 8 states that:

By 2017 at least five million people experiencing disasters or conflicts will have been assisted in ways which respect and strengthen rights, support recovery of livelihoods, empower women and promote solutions for long-term change.

- People’s Action to End Poverty, 2012-2017