Section 4: Key Actions within 1 Month of Disaster


Key Points

  • The member/country programme will be supported by the federation through IHART to manage disaster response, information, fundraising, communications, management response and co-ordination.

  • The detailed needs assessment should be conducted from the perspective of people living in poverty and exclusion, particularly women affected by the disaster. Women lead the process with analysis capturing the restoration and rehabilitation needs, linking to longer-term change processes.

    • The detailed needs assessment requires planning and organising, forming an assessment team, conducting the assessment and community-led analysis and information sharing. This feeds into the Emergency Response and Resilience Building Plan (ERRP).

  • The Emergency Response and Resilience Building Plan guides the overall disaster response. The plan will cover the type of support and assistance to be provided; overall programme plan; scale of the programme; emergency response management structure; integrated communications plan; policy plan; co-ordination plan; accountability plan and fundraising plan.

  • Member/country programme should continue to implement the disaster response.

  • Key management processes for implementation include HR management; staff safety and security; financial management; contract management; logistics and administration plan and accountability measures.

  • All of ActionAid’s emergency response and resilience programmes will include an M&E plan. ActionAid’s approach includes regular monitoring, a real time evaluation (RTE), final evaluation and an impact study.

  • All ERRPs must develop a risk matrix, which should be updated regularly – the success of a response depends on how effectively we identify and manage risks.

  • Member/country programme to develop a fundraising plan based on the ERRP and budget, prioritising potential donors, with support from IHART and International Fundraising. Submit proposals to institutional donors, trusts and foundations.

  • Member/country programme to develop a communications plan to set out how ActionAid will communicate with external stakeholders as well as supporting policy work, fundraising, communicating with disaster-affected communities etc.