Section 5: Key Actions within 6 Months of Disaster



Submit proposals to institutional donors, trusts and major donors

Who does this: member/country programme and fundraising affiliates, with support of International Fundraising and IHART

Depending on the scale of the emergency, continuing needs of those affected and the amount of funds we have been able to mobilise within the first six months, there may be a need for continued fundraising. At this stage, the most likely available sources of funding are institutional donors, trusts and major donors – the majority of which are accessed not directly by the disaster-affected country but through fundraising affiliates who ‘own’ the relationship with specific donors.

As at earlier stages in the response, fundraising activities will continue to be co-ordinated through IHART except in cases where specific information is needed for the application to the donor, when IHART will be informed. In the case of a large-scale emergency (e.g. a red alert level emergency) IHART will continue to share regular updates on the disaster situation and ActionAid’s response with the wider federation (including situation reports, needs assessment reports, updated Emergency Response and Resilience Building Plan etc.). If there is a continued need for further funding, fundraising affiliates will then be expected to submit proposals to appropriate donors within their countries, including institutional donors, trusts, foundations and major donors.

Fundraising affiliates should link with IHART in the first instance to share information on planned fundraising and to request additional information needed from the member/country programme. They should also ask IHART to review proposals before submitting, to check for technical accuracy and accordance with ActionAid’s human rights-based approach in emergencies.

The member/country programme is responsible for submitting proposals to multilateral donors, including the EU and UN agencies, with the support of International Fundraising. IHART should review proposals before submission to check for technical accuracy and accordance with ActionAid’s human rights-based approach in emergencies. IHART will liaise with the member/county programme on behalf of International Fundraising, and will facilitate direct contact where appropriate.

The decision on whether to apply for funding opportunities remains with the member/country programme. In some cases, the member/country programme may not wish to apply for smaller grants, which have a high burden of reporting requirements. In ORANGE and RED alert level disasters, the Oversight Group will provide advice and review decisions to decline funding.