Section 6: Preparedness


Key Points

  • Disaster preparedness is a process of increasing capacity to effectively anticipate, reduce potential damage, respond to, and recover from the impacts of likely, imminent or current hazard events or conditions.

  • Disaster preparedness is ensuring that information, skills and knowledge, infrastructure, materials, institutions, linkages, policy and funding are available at LRP/partner, local government and organisational levels.

  • Disaster preparedness is required at three levels – institutional, national and community level.

  • Key elements of ActionAid’s preparedness planning process are:

    • capacity-building with staff members, local partners and communities

    • developing, institutionalising and putting into practice a preparedness plan at the community, regional and national level

    • building strong links with other actors on preparedness and response locally, regionally and globally

    • monitoring and reviewing.

  • Disaster preparedness plans need to be integrated with ActionAid’s regular planning and budgeting processes, and should be reviewed on an annual basis.